Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Mad Men® Collection at Banana Republic

Donna discuses The Mad Men® Collection at Banana Republic

Rated 5 stars
Review Summary: Beautiful Tailoring
Comment: What a beautiful jacket! I'd looked forward to seeing the collection in person but feared it may be too "costumey". This isn't the case as the collection contains wearable 60's inspired peices with a modern edge. This jacket is one of the standout peices. It is beautifully tailored with wonderful detailing at the collar and in the back. The cut accentuates the waist. I've been playing with the collar and have found different ways of waering it which will make it even more versatile. (In the store I was in skinny jeans and ballet flats and it looked great.) The fabric is lighter than expected and very soft. This is a peice that must be tried on as it looks rather ordinary on the hanger, but once it contours to the body it looks amazing! I wear vintage clothing because of it's timelessness and classic lines. I see myself wearing this vintage inspired jacket for years to come.

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